Power Plant

      • Production – Electricity 
      • Requirement 1st lvl: 75 lvl-1 Workers (from Atrium)


Power Plant Level Ground Connection Radius PopulationType Workers Power HealthPoints
Power Plant lvl-1 1 R1 100 Workers lvl1 75 7,500 200
Power Plant lvl-2 2 R1 200 Workers lvl1 83 8,300 313
Power Plant lvl-3 3 R2 300 Workers lvl2 68 13,600 316
Power Plant lvl-4 4 R2 400 Workers lvl2 75 15,000 326
Power Plant lvl-5 5 R3 500 Workers lvl3 62 16,430 349

For working mining farms, they must be connected to electricity. For this, in the game, it will be necessary to build power plants near farms and, using electric poles and wires, connect the farms to electricity.


Electric Pole

      • Connection radius for lvl-1 – 100 m
      • Function – Distributes the Electricity created by the Power Plant to farms 


Electric Pole Level Ground Connector Count Connection Radius Health Points
Electric Pole lvl-1 1 R0 3 100 300
Electric Pole lvl-2 2 R0 3 200 350
Electric Pole lvl-3 3 R1 4 300 400
Electric Pole lvl-4 4 R1 4 400 450
Electric Pole lvl-5 5 R2 5 500 500

Electric poles must be built between the power plant and the farm, as the farm cannot be powered directly from the power plants. Poles have a range – the maximum distance to the farm / power station. That is, if the farm is too far from the power plant, it will be necessary to build several electric poles between them. Also, depending on the level of the pole, it has a maximum number of wire connections.


Power stations and poles need to be repaired from time to time. For the full operation of power plants, atriums should be built near them, which will produce workers for power plants.



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