Worldopo FAQ (EN)


  1. Question: How do I know which hex are mine?

Answer: In this version can be distinguished only by such features:

1) You can paint your hex

2) You can not build on other people’s hexes

  1. Question: When is the opportunity to buy hexes, to sell old farms refreshed,?

Answer: Limit is reset after 24 hours after the last limit was used completely.

  1. Question: How many hexes do you need to build farms?

Answer: Alix takes 37 hexes   

Quantix takes 61 hexes   

Algonix takes 91 hexes 

  1. Question: Whether the player’s level affects the number of purchases hexes?

Answer: Yes, see the table below.

Level: 1 Limit: 15 Level: 17 Limit: 25
Level: 2 Limit: 16 Level: 18 Limit: 26
Level: 3 Limit: 17 Level: 19 Limit: 27
Level: 4 Limit: 17 Level: 20 Limit: 28
Level: 5 Limit: 18 Level: 21 Limit: 28
Level: 6 Limit: 18 Level: 22 Limit: 29
Level: 7 Limit: 19 Level: 23 Limit: 30
Level: 8 Limit: 19 Level: 23 Limit: 30
Level: 9 Limit: 20 Level: 24 Limit: 31
Level: 10 Limit: 21 Level: 25 Limit: 32
Level: 11 Limit: 21 Level: 26 Limit: 33
Level: 12 Limit: 22 Level: 27 Limit: 33
Level: 13 Limit: 23 Level: 28 Limit: 34
Level: 14 Limit: 23 Level: 29 Limit: 35
Level: 15 Limit: 24 Level: 30 Limit: 36
Level: 16 Limit: 25


  1. Question: How many points are required for each player level


Now for such actions you can earn experience:

Collection of crystals – 2 points per crystal

Purchase 1 hex – 5 points

  1. Question: How to buy hexagon?

Answer: You can buy a hex following this instruction 

  1. Question: When will the bounties be paid?

Answer: As soon as the data of all participants are synchronized, not all are registered, we would like to wait for all participants despite the distribution time. In any case, community managers are working on a new branch of Bounty for the 2nd round and there will be all the acuity information

  1. Question:  Can I enter tokens from the Bounty panel back into the Game?

Answer: Yes, it will be possible to do it in the next updates

  1. Question:  When I log in, do I need to enter the code from the mail every time?

Answer: Only if you change the device with one E-mail or on one device you use several accounts.





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