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Game start

Gems collecting

Purchasing the hexagons

The mining farms and the territory they are standing on

Mining farms building


Player’s Profile

Your Rank

Referral Program

Player’s nickname

How to change the email?




Enter your e-mail and tap the “Entry” button.


You will get an email with the special code you need to confirm.


Enter the special code and tap the “Accept” button. If you haven’t received the email with special code tap on the “Retry” button.


Game Start


Gems collecting

You can easily collect gems while walking around the streets. When you’ll be near the gem the button in the left down corner will be unlocked for catching. Clicking on the “Catch” button will open the camera in AR mode. To get the Gem, hover and fix the camera on it.



All of your WPTs from the old game are converted to Gems. Additionally, Gem can be purchased in the in-game “Shop”.

Hexagons purchasing

Click on the empty area on the map.


Next, you need to choose the building radius and tap on the“Buy” button. 1 Hexagon = 1 Gem.


Note, that you can build no more than 15 hexes per day. The timer for this restriction will be updated at midnight by UTC timezone.



Place your Hexagons according to the Mining farms size. The farms must fit them.


The mining farms and the territory they are standing on

Alix farm needs 37 hexagons

Quantix farm needs 61 hexagons
Algonix farm needs 91 hexagons


Mining Farms building

If you decided to build a Mining farm you’ll need to put it on your hexagons. All farms have a different size and radius, so you need to take it into account. If you want to buy a farm you can easily find out all available variants in “Shop”.


Enter the “Mining” tab.


There are 3 types of Mining farms and each of them produces Gems. Tap the “Buy” button to purchase one of them.


All Mining farms are different and have its own parameters. As we wrote above, each farm need a specific quantity of hexagons to be built. Take into account, all the information that you can read while reading general info about each farm.


Choose your Hexagon where you want to put the mining farm. Tap on the “Hammer” button to start building.



You can colour all your Hexagons by simply clicking on it and choosing the right colour.


Choose a Mining farm which is available to build.


Collect the resources what your Mining farm have produced by tapping on it and the “Collect” button.



After you’ve collected gems you need to wait till “Freeze” timer will ends. If you want to reduce the waiting time you can enter the “Shop” and purchase “Unfreeze” item.


Then just tap on it in the menu.

Here you can choose and buy some special items with a specific parameters that you might need.


You can find out the “Unfreeze” item in the Inventory section. Just tap on the “box” button.

Tap on the “Unfreeze” in the Invenory.


If you want to use any of Items you have purchased, just choose it and tap on the “Apply” button.

Here you can track the active duration of the “Unfreeze” item that was used.



Here you can get the Referral code, change your avatar and know your Rank. Your Game Level appears on the “Profile” button while your experience appears as a yellow contour around this button.


Your Rank

To see your Rank and a Global Leaderboard, tap on the “Your Rank” button.

Referral Program

Click on the Referral Program tab to get your Referral code. Afterwards, enter the “My Referrals” section. Here you can copy your special code and share it with your network for getting reward.


If you want to use your Referral code, tap on the “Enter Code” section. Put the specific code that you got from another player and tap om the “Get Bonus” button.

How to change your Nickname?

Enter the “Profile” section and tap on your current Nickname.


Write down a new Nickname and tap the “Save” button.

How to change the email?

You can change your email by simply clicking on the “Change Email” button.


Write down a new email address and tap on “Entry” button.



Here, you can select the best graphics options for your device, and turn music on / off.


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