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Since the day the Internet was available, every parent thought playing games was harmful. But is that true?
Play a game like a double-edged sword.

If playing the game properly, knowing how to balance the time between playing and learning, playing and doing, then playing games is really rewarding.

It helps us reduce stress after school days, or after tired working hours. Playing games also trains us to be persistent, calm, assertive and independent.

But it depends on the type of game you play.
I am an office worker and a young mother. I have a lot of stress in everyday life.
After a tiring day, I went to Friv 2020. There is a game world with lots of constantly updated games. And more, it’s free to play without having to download.
I spend 7 to 10 minutes here, where all the unpleasant stress has disappeared.

However, on weekends, I spend 20 minutes to teach my children to play educational games, my children are trained to be independent and persistent. I manage my child’s play time every weekend by sitting with him and instructing him to play for about 30 minutes.

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