What is required for Mining Farm production?


First of all, almost every building in the game needs Manpower. Sometimes just from 1 branch, sometimes from all 3. 

For example level 1 Alix requires:

50 Workers

30 Bandits

20 Scientists


That means just for Alix you need 1 house per branch.


To fulfill this you need to build houses.

The population of houses increases slowly, depending on different influences and reaches at the end on 1st level:

Atrium = 50 Workers (10 per hour)

Skull Fort = 40 Bandits (8 per hour)

DNA Tower =30 Scientists (7 per hour)


To start mining your Farm needs power. You should build Power Plant and connect it using wires and electric poles to the farm.

Lvl 1 Power Plant requires 75 workers, and every one of them will be happy with a roof over their head.


But you can not connect Power Plant directly to the farm, you need to place at least 1 electric pole.

This should be connected by Cable

Cable can be created in the workshop from parts earned in Bar (LQ Production), or with a luck from Mystery Boxes.

Note The number of cables (meters) required for connection can be viewed in electricity mode

To conclude you need an Internet connection to start mining. Build an Internet Provider first, and place the WiFi router. Attention: Internet Provider itself does not create a connection, you need a router.

Lvl 1 Internet Provider requires 75 workers.


 The approximate order of buying buildings to start mining

Note For any building requiring people, first, you need to build houses. The growing population will take time.

 We advise the first building to be built – the Atrium (Production House)


The second building is better (at your discretion) to be a Bar (Since time will pass until pieces of cable are produced)


Before building a Power plant, you have to build Atriums for it (so the Atriums start produce workers for the Power plant)


After the Atriums, you can construct a Power plant.


Now,you need a WiFi Provider which requires Atriums as well


To connect your farm to the internet you need a Router in WiFi Provider’s coverage area


Now let’s build some houses for Farmworkers from each branch.


Finally, you can build your Farm


Now lets power up your Farm.  At least one Electric Pole must be built between the farm and the Power plant.


Now you can collect pieces of cable from your Bar…


  …and create Cable in the Workshop


To conclude connect your Power Plant to the pole and the farm


As a result, you should get something like this:


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